Guess Who’s Back!?


(Top Row: Springfield Cards game and a lake day with Samson)

(Bottom Row: 40’s and Cheese Balls party, Not Journey Concert, park day with Samson)

I spent this entire last winter planning events and fun things for us to do this summer. Danny and I declared it “the summer of fun” and hit the ground running in May! Here it is mid-August and we have stopped running, minus next weekend well and Labor Day… then we are really, really done!

Whew! This summer was a BLAST but we were so busy, which means things, like my blog that I love dearly, got put on the back burner. But now that things are slowing down, I can actually get back in my kitchen and get back to cooking awesome creations to share with you!

Stay tuned this week for some yummy recipes I have been working on. In the meantime, take a look at some pictures from our “summer of fun!” It really has been a blast!

(Top Row: Lake day (Samson HATES the water), camping and skiing!)

(Bottom Row: JOURNEY concert and the Doobie Brothers!)


(Top to bottom: shooting spud guns at the lake, Danny’s TEN year reunion, we bought new couches and then redid our fireplace!)

Then we went to Mexico… and swam with WHALE SHARKS!! This one to be exact!
We lived!
Chichen Itza!

(Top: Danny and I at Ik Kil, the cenote Ik Kil and paddle boarding!)

(Bottom: Isla Mujeres…so beautiful!)

(Our good friends got married, 38 Special concert, a day at the river with Samson and KISS concert!)

That’s just a little bit of all of the fun we have been having! Check back in later this week!!




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