when a foodie tries to detox…

I love food. This is no secret. I thoroughly, thoroughly enjoy everything that goes into making a meal. I love to plan the meals for my family. Every Wednesday I get the local ads and see what is going to be on sale the next week and I make my grocery list based off that and what our next week looks like. I love to hunt for recipes and try to push my cooking abilities as far as I can. Danny has started to try new things so that has helped a lot too (he is an extremely picky eater). Then I love grocery shopping, yes I am sane. I like to try to get the best deals I can and I always make a game with myself to see how little money I can spend while at the store. I love making the meal. I put on my cute little apron and go to town. I would gladly spend hours in the kitchen cooking and meal prepping. Finally, I like to eat it. Where this isn’t my favorite part, it is nice to be able to fill my belly with the deliciousness I created.

I had family in town last week from New York City so I was out at my parent’s house every night last week. I was bummed not to be in the kitchen but it was really nice to eat all of my mom’s wonderful meals that I grew up on. With that being said, my mom went all out, pizzas, enchiladas, cook outs, burgers, hot dogs, chicken and veggies, breakfast casseroles, and much more. I ate…and ate… and ate some more and even when I wasn’t really hungry there was food in front of my face so I ate!… I looked like Michelle.


Saturday after the family had left I felt heavy, my skin felt gross and I knew I just needed to plan accordingly for this week. Before I say anymore, I am not a girl who struggles with body image on a daily basis. Sure I would like to shave off a few pounds for this summer, who wouldn’t?! This week I am doing a detox. This detox in my mind is to help with those few pounds and to get back on track with a clean eating trend. It is not a “lose a bunch of weight in an unhealthy way” thing. I have tried detoxes before but never stuck to them. Like literally would make it until dinner then I ate everything I could get my hands on. This week I am determined to complete a 5 day, healthy eating cleanse without getting too hangry. I will be blogging about the process as I go. I am following a plan I found on good ‘ol Pinterest. Let’s see how well this works! I’d love to hear any tips or tidbits you might have for me!


Day one and it is fruit day. I can eat as much fruit as I wanted but cannot eat bananas.


Here is what went down:

8:30- an orange

9:30- a serving of cantaloupe

10:30- a serving of strawberries and blackberries

12:00- a grapefruit

1:00- a serving of cantaloupe

2:00- a serving of strawberries and blackberries

(I started to get a little hangry here… why is 2-3 the WORST snacky time?!)

3:30- an orange

4:30- a serving of strawberries and blackberries

9:00- a serving of strawberries and blackberries

I drank tons of water and spent a lot of time in the restroom but hey so far so good!! No melt downs yet!






Weight loss: 1 pound down

Today is veggie day! Like yesterday I can eat as many vegetable as I want! It is a good thing I really like fruits and veggies.


Here is what happened today:

9:15- carrots and broccoli (I LOVE them but at 9 am was a little rough)

10:15- cucumbers

11:00- sweet peppers

12:00- baked potato with butter (yes this was allowed but just today)

1:00- broccoli

2:00- carrots

3:00-peppers… I think I am floating…

4:00- cucumbers

5:00- peppers

Today was awful. I just don’t think I bought enough veggies. 8:00 hit and I was dying. I came home from dress shopping and saw 2 pieces of pizza sitting on the kitchen counter that my lovely husband so nicely left out and I inhaled them. Do I feel bad about it? Yes but I think I am going to have to alter this just a tad to get some protein or I am not going to make it to Friday!

sad sarah






Weight loss: None (stupid pizza)

Here is what happened today:

It’s a new day! I am going to try again!  It’s fruit and veggie day! I am going to toss in some almonds as well!

9:00- strawberries and blackberries

10:30- cantaloupe and almonds

11:00- orange

12:00- blueberry, strawberry and banana smoothie

1:30- cantaloupe

4:00- broccoli and carrots

Dinner plans include an avocado and a smoothie!

This day has been a lot better and I mean a lot better. I am not hangry…maybe I am just over the hump. I also think the cheat of the almonds has helped a lot too. I mean they are still healthy right?! Tonight I have plans to go to a local botanical garden. So hopefully being out and about will keep my mind occupied and I won’t “think” I am hungry.

I am half way done and have intentions of finishing up strong!! Check back in to see the final results!



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