Baked Alaska

My cooking abilities have absolutely evolved over the years. Cooking is not something that came naturally to me or something that I was instantly good at. Growing up Nana was queen of the kitchen. Every time I would go over to her house she made me something spectacular and I always wanted to be able to cook just like her. Today I thought I would give you a little back story of my childhood and hopefully give you a good laugh!

I had the best childhood, hands down. My mom and dad did everything they could to bring my two sisters and me up happy, healthy and full of love and life. I would say they succeeded. One thing that my sisters were involved in when they were younger was called LTC, Leadership Training for Christ. Every year they would go to this big convention in Kansas City. I was too old for the convention so usually my dad and I would stay behind. This particular year my youngest sister, Allison, also stayed behind.

You know how it is when dad is in charge; rules are broken, you get to watch too much TV and you more than likely are going to eat pizza or McDonalds for every meal until mom gets home. I was around fourteen at the time of this story. My dad needed to run over to his office for about an hour or so and then said he would be back. During that hour I was to watch my little sister. No big deal. Right? Wrong.

While he was gone, Allison and I got a craving for brownies. We did not have a brownie mix or a way to go get one but I went online and found a recipe and thought surely we could pull it off. Brownies from scratch! No big deal! (Mind you the most cooking I had done at this point was putting chicken nuggets in the oven.) We were so excited to be cooking together! We had a ball getting all of the ingredients out, wearing aprons; we even smeared a little bit of flour on our cheeks so we’d look like legit cooks. After we had mixed our ingredients together we proudly placed our prized brownies into the oven and waited. We couldn’t wait to eat them!

We went into the living room to watch more tv, mom AND dad were gone, and then we heard something in the kitchen, then we started to smell something too. We rushed in, opened the oven door and our poured the biggest, goopy, chocolate mess you have ever seen. The oven was covered, the floor was covered, and my mom’s kitchen rugs were covered. We got it on the cabinets, on the walls (the walls that were JUST painted a few weekends before) and all over the tile. What on earth happened?! We stood in the kitchen in total shock and disbelief that our amazing creation was destroyed. I went back to look at the recipe to solve the mystery of what went wrong. I couldn’t figure it out! By this time dad was home and saw the mess. I don’t think he was angry, I think he was in shock that we could have made THAT big of a mess. We asked him for help in trying to figure out what went wrong and eventually called mom.

Moral of the story: baking POWDER and baking SODA are NOT interchangeable. Cups of baking powder tend to “explode” in your oven.

Still to this day whenever I use either baking soda or powder I quadruple check to make sure I have the right one. My dad helped us clean it up and still to this day we laugh about the time Al and I made what we ended up calling baked Alaska.



Here is a flash back to my sisters and I right about the time this story took place. Ah… little babies!




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  1. Hang on everyone this woman’s blog is going to be funny. She enjoys life like no one I have ever known. Thanks for the Nana comments, Love you so very much.


    1. gutirrezlife says:

      Love you Nana! ❤️


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